As each of my creations is entirely hand-made, no two are exactly the same – so please do not expect your commissioned piece to be identical to any of the products displayed on this site or at one of my open-house or other events.

Please note that my dolls and other creations are not toys and are unsuitable for very young children.

How to buy or commission from me

Interested in possibly purchasing something you've seen on this website? Then please contact me with a description of the item and I will respond with information about availability and price. Clicking one of the square pictures in the Galleries section will display a unique reference for the product at the top of the page (if this cannot be seen, then click/tap once anywhere on the page to bring up the title and control bars).

If you don't see exactly what you want or the item is no longer available, then I would be delighted to create something entirely original – so long as it is textile based – or reproduce it again specially for you.

I charge no more for commissions than for other similar products, and my prices start at just £10.00 (see Homepage).

If you have specific requirements then please give them in detail in the appropriate section of the form on the Contact page and I will do my best to create something that will delight you. A single sketch or photograph may also be attached to this form. Otherwise, just let me have the unique reference of the item you want (see above) or a brief description. If you also give your telephone number then I may call you to discuss a new commission or confirm an order. I look forward to hearing from you.